I made this mimimalist site to present a portfolio of my photographic work. The old site was outdated and focused on optics articles. The present site should work on PCs as well as mobile devices, and focuses on images.

I try to depict the world as it is, and move around as an observer. There are no images which are staged, let alone images which are manipulated.  When I take a portrait I may ask the person to reposition in order to improve lighting or background, but that is not staging.

My technique is fairly spartan. I don’t use filters, flashlight, or zoom lenses. All but one of my lenses are manual focus. Post-processing is mostly limited to cropping and curves. Photo manipulation is not my thing, and my worst offense is cloning away a few birds flying in the wrong place.

The image quality in the portfolio varies from mediocre scans of negatives and reversal film, to direct digital capture. The difference is apparent, but should not distract from the artistic value, if any.


All images © 1992−2017 Paul van Walree