Despite a number of relocations, this website has been online for over 20 years — in one form or another. It started when people in an online discussion forum did not believe me when I wrote that I noticed color fringes due to chromatic aberration in some of my slides. To prove my point, I took pictures of my slide projection screen, scanned them with a film scanner, and wrote an illustrated article about chromatic aberrations. They still did not believe me, but now, 20 years later, chromatic aberrations are commonplace in digital photography reviews. Pixel peeping is just a few mouse clicks away, brutally revealing any image imperfection in high-resolution digital captures.

This site has always been just a hobby project with zero commercial interest. It consist of an image portfolio and a collection of articles on photographic optics. For years I wrote the HTML by hand, but eventually this was no longer sustainable. The site was a disaster on mobile devices. I tried another solution, but was never able to restore the optics pages owing to a serious lack of time. Time is still scarce, but currently this site is being built up again. I settled for a minimalist design, because I prefer to use my time on the contents rather than on web design. The site no longer passes the W3C markup validation service, but that is just how it is. I can only hope it renders well on your device.

A few years ago I presented myself at a local camera club, using a slide that is reproduced below. Instead of telling them how I worked, it was more instructive to tell what I didn’t use and what I didn’t do. The audience hardly understood how it was possible to take pictures at all. I even forgot to mention that I don’t do video as well. The best part of all this is that I can skip 80% of the 800+ pages of a camera user manual. I am not a complete stranger to accessories though, as the photo reveals that a tripod and lens hood are part of the kit. I should also mention that I purchased a mirrorless camera recently, whose autofocus is spot on, and I even have a zoom lens now.

The photographer
This is a photo of me waiting to take this photo. (Image courtesy of Dhr. van IJsselmuide.)